Brad nailer is a tool used for delicate carpentry such as trims installation. It uses a special kind of nails called brads. Brads are thinner than a common nails, thus, they are seldom used in solid construction.

It might be hard to choose the right brad nailer, since there are so many choices available. But in fact it is easier than it looks.

What should you know when choosing a brad nailer

First of all, you should decide what kind of nailer you need – either pneumatic of cordless one. Pneumatic nailers are most commonly used, since they tend to be cheaper,lighter, more reliable, and more powerful. However, to use a pneumatic brad nailer you will need an air compressor, and connect it to the nail gun using air hose.

Electric nailers, on the other hand, do not require such appliances. And most importantly, they are cordless. Such device also may require a fuel cell.

Second, you should note the weight of the tool. Some nailers can weight as much as 6 pounds. You may probably think that it isn’t much, however, when you holding this all the day long, you might end up exhausted by the end of the day. So it would be a wise choice to pick up the light one.



It might be a good idea to buy a brad nailer in brick&mortar store rather than online, because there you can try the device and feel how it sits in your hand and how well it is balanced. A well-balanced nailer is much easier to handle than a poorly balanced one.

Another things to mention are trigger mechanism and how the brad nailer handles jams. There are different types of trigger mechanism, such as full sequential trigger, contact trigger, and partial sequential trigger. Such mechanism are intended to ensure safe use of the device.

Sometimes, the nail gun may jam. It is obviously not a good thing but malfunction can happen with any kind of machinery. Some more expensive brad nail guns have a special mechanism to deal with the jam quickly without the use of any tools. Definitely, this is one of the most useful options, but it will cost extra.

And the final advice definitely may sound strange. The thing is, you may just ignore all those silly reviews and guides on the internet, and just buy any random nail gun. Of course, you might end up with getting a device which isn’t exactly what you needed. But you will learn on this, and next time will buy an ideal nail gun which will serve you well. You will also lost a couple hundred bucks, but it isn’t that you, ya’ll not living in a 3rd world country after all.

Or you can just look at the amazon reviews and pick the one with the best rating. That’s what most people do – it’s easy and works good.